Download Ns2.33-Antnet1.0 by Richardson Lima

Software implementations of AntNet posted by Gianni Di Caro

Lavina Jain made an implementation of AntNet for NS-2 (that can be also downloaded here). Starting from Jain’s code, Richardson Lima has released a revised and updated version of AntNet for NS-2.33. Since I’m not an NS-2 user, I haven’t checked these implementations, but I guess the Lima’s implementation can be used as a good starting point. If you plan to use Lima’s code, please feel free to contact me to check/improve the quality of the implementation.

Download Ns2.33-Antnet1.0 by Richardson Lima


Ns-2.33 compiled with Antnet implemented


Currently many researchers are sending me emails reporting problems in the implementation antnet, with the support of 林木盛 Mu-Sheng Lin (user account and 500MB of space on FTP server), 林木盛 Mu-Sheng Lin is Ph.D candidate, Department of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, I am providing the link , This package contains the Ns-2.33 compiled with Antnet implemented. To solve some problems in the implementation I am writing a second version of the manual for implementation of antnet in ns-2.33, I report some ‘tricks’. =)

Download the Antnet Algorithm

Download the Antnet Algorithm developed by Lavina Jain for the Ns-2.28 and modified for the Ns-2.33, currently I am working in this algorithm so that it works 100% identical to the proposal of Dr. Gianni Di Caro.

Click here to download.