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Download the Antnet Algorithm developed by Lavina Jain for the Ns-2.28 and modified for the Ns-2.33, currently I am working in this algorithm so that it works 100% identical to the proposal of Dr. Gianni Di Caro.

Click here to download.


Currently many researchers are sending me emails reporting problems in the implementation antnet, with the support of Amoos Lin (user account and 500MB of space on FTP server) Mu-Sheng Lin is Ph.D candidate, Department of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, I am providing the link , This package contains the Ns-2.33 compiled with Antnet implemented.
To solve some problems in the implementation I am writing a second version of the manual for implementation of antnet in ns-2.33, I report some ‘tricks’. =)


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  1. For Research

  2. Hello , my name is NATARAJ , i m doing my master degree (m-tech ) project in ACO routing algorithm so i need u r help , plz assist me .
    thank you ,

    • Hi
      on which network u r working? i mean on ad hoc network or wired network
      my thesis is on Routing in Ad hoc network using ACO.
      if u hv any query then pls email me.

      • Hi Manan,
        I want to use AntNet for adhoc routing, what changes do I have to make??

        I could not find out. Could you please help me as soon as you can?

      • Hello, i am doing my thesis on Routing in ad hoc network using ACO, I have implemented Antnet for wired networks, but i need your help to implemente ACO in wireless networks, please assite me. My email:, thank you!

      • Buen dia:

        Saludos cordiales. Quien le escribe está realizando un trabajo de investigacion con ACO en redes Inalambricas Maledas (wireless mesh networks) para evaluar los protocolos de enrutamiento (Routing protocol). Ahora como implementar el MAC 802.11 en AntNet. Gracias, agradezco su ayuda y colaboración. El trabajo lo realizo con Omnet++.

        José Luis Rodriguez

      • Hello,
        I am working on the same topic of ACO in ad hoc net. I have downloaded
        Lavina Jain’s Ant implementation and made the mentioned changes to ns2.
        I am using ns-2.33.
        The scripts are not running successfully. Can you please help me sort it out.
        If there is any other change required.

  3. dear sir/ madam,
    can i apply this algorithm for routing in vehicular adhoc network.
    thank you.

  4. HI,

    This s Ashwin from india pursuing my bachelors degree in Information Technology.The link ,
    is not working can u pls provide it some where els

    itll b of great help to complete my research.
    kindly mail me

  5. hi
    hi downloded the ns-allinone-2.33 while istalling i am geting the error like this plz help me i am doing my project
    trace/cmu-trace.o: In function `hdr_ant_pkt::access(Packet const*)’:[hdr_ant_pkt::access(Packet const*)]+0×7): undefined reference to `hdr_ant_pkt::offset_’
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [ns] Error 1
    Ns make failed!
    See for problems
    [root@localhost ns-allinone-2.33]#

  6. Download Ns2.33-Antnet1.0

  7. hi,

    i want to implement antnet for wireless scenario? If any one have an idea plz reply.

  8. Hi Shah,

    I have to simulate AntNet algorithm on Wireless Sensor Networks, are there any wireless implementation of this algorithm which i can begin with? it would help me very much in my master degree!

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Please tell me how can we use this files with ns2? how can we compile it? i’m new with ns…

  10. hi
    i cant download because my country is blocked by google.
    how can i download it.

  11. hello
    am doing my project in qos based multicasting using aco algorithm in manet …in ns2 tool…please assist me

  12. hello
    am doing my project in qos based multicasting using aco algorithm in manet …in ns2 tool…please guide me

  13. I am working on route optimization of bus networks using ACO. Kindly assist me with some information

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